Research with Teddy Bear Hospital

Over the past several years, we have hosted TBH events at a number of Fulton and DeKalb county schools and consider the program to be remarkably successful. To date, there has been just one published study (by a hospital research group in Israel) showing that the TBH method reduces hospitalization anxiety in children aged 3-6 years (click here to download a pdf of that study).

We want to show the Atlanta and Emory communities that Teddy Bear Hospital is a valuable initiative that should be incorporated into clinical training programs. 

Beginning in 2014, we have collaborated with teachers, parents, students and the DeKalb County School Board Research Office to develop a research protocol to demonstrate the value of the Teddy Bear Hospital. 

Click here to download our parental consent form, so you can print it out for your child to bring to school! 

Our program is approved by the Institutional Review Boards of Emory University and DeKalb County. All Emory TBH research personnel receive specialized C.I.T.I. training in the proper and ethical conduct of research with human subjects, and we document both parental consent and child assent in the trial. 


Study Aims:

  1. To evaluate the magnitude and longevity of the effect of the Teddy Bear Hospital on children’s attitudes towards medical encounters in the context of their personal experiences and family attitudes towards healthcare.
  2. To evaluate the effect of the TBH on medical student attitudes towards pediatrics, Child Life professionals, and community outreach learning.