For Teachers & Parents

We invite you to learn more about our program with these recent photographs of our amazing team in action. All photographs copyrighted by Emory TBH, and permission slips for distribution were signed by children's parents. 

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The "Waiting Room" at Teddy Bear Hospital always features an interactive health and safety session. Tucker Hartley (M3) is talking about healthy behaviors and how exercise and vaccines keep both teddy bears and children healthy.




TBH Coordinator Chris Lewis asks children "What should Shawn the Skeleton drink if they want their bones to grow big and strong?"







TBH Coordinator Sarah Soffer, meeting one of her new patients.





Third year MD/MPH student Lurit Bepo guides her kindergartner partner as they measure the height and weight of their teddy bear patient. 





Our Teddy Bear CT scanner being used to diagnose a cute case of appendicitis. Dr. Taymour Hammoudi, Emory TBH alum, is now a pediatrician at the University of California, San Francisco. 






With rising rates of pediatric asthma, Justine Broecker (M2) knows to keep the TBH breathing treatment station ready-to-go. Our clinicans include teddy bear generalists, as well as specialists in Dragon, Gator and Georgia Dawg medicine.







Saumya Gurbani is an MD/PhD student in biomedical engineering, studying how to use novel imaging techniques to understand the neural networks in kangaroo and human patients.